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Amazing Rescue: Seeing The Horses In Action Is Breathtaking!

This is an amazing story which happened a few years ago when a storm stranded more than 100 horses in that small plot of land. That place became an island because of the heavy rainwater. People attempted a rescue on boats but they were able to rescue only 20 of the smaller horses.

The receding water levels caused the boats to run aground and the rescue teams had no choice but to wait. Horse lovers stayed and ferried over food and hay to the desperate horses. Sadly, 19 of the horses died in three days from drowning and heat exposure.

It was urgent to make some sort of plan and get the poor horses out of there. So, they’ve created a new strategy and created a pathway with submerged stakes lined with chains. Four brave women on horseback led the way.

All 100 horses were transferred from the difficult waters to the safety land. They made a full recovery thanks to the dedicated people. It is an incredible story that will probably restore your faith in humanity. Enjoy!

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