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Mare Introduced To A Foal Who Had Lost Her Mom…Emotional Story!

Animals will always be there to teach us priceless lessons and this is a fact. These extraordinary creatures know how to live and enjoy the moment. They know how to give unconditional love and they keep on surprising us with what they can do. Horse show us that we can take care of one another because love is the only thing we should give to each other.

A retired showjumper, Zindita, was in labor. She was giving birth and the vet immediately knew that she would not be able to get the foal out naturally. Unfortunately, her foal was delivered stillborn and Zindita was grief-stricken.

Two days after that, Dr. Brogan, a veterinarian, received a call about a newborn whose mother died while delivering. The poor baby needed TLC only a mother could provide. Dr. Brogan decided to bring the foal to Zindita and what happened next was wonderful. Zindita was in love with the foal. It was a heartwarming meeting and this picture speaks for itself. Love your horses and take care of them!

Well Zindita's adopted foal has a name – we introduce 'Listen Good' (Feel Good x Tolanda) half sister to Apache – one of her owners Mr van der Koppel came with his daughter to check on her…….. She is clearly a fan of the attention!! And it is lovely to see how much Mr van der Koppel and his daughter LOVE her!!! Well done everyone at Waaij Stud and team Equiception!!!#foal #adoption #waaijstud #veulen #adoptie #breeding #fokken #mare #equine

Posted by Equiception on Monday, June 13, 2016

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