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Horses Recognize Different Human Facial Expressions!

Horse lovers like to say that horses manage to read our minds and our emotions. It’s because many of us have experienced something with her or his horse that has left each one of us speechless. Many times we have wondered if it’s possible those horses can really read our mind?!

According to a research, this can happen and we are not imagining it. Psychologists have found the first evidence that horses can distinguish between human facial expressions. Moreover, they are able to find meaning in our moods and respond to those emotions we show them. The results have shown that happy faces relax horses and angry faces set their hearts racing.

It is interesting because this is the first time we have seen that horses can distinguish between positive and negative human facial expressions, noted Amy Smith, a researcher from the University of Sussex. The horses they’ve been using during the research showed a strong reaction to the negative expressions, but less to the positive. Take care of your horses!

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