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Here Is To All The Girls Who Grew Up In A Barn

A woman named Brandy Smith wanted to share her impressions and dedicated a beautiful text full with compliments to all the girls who grew up around horses and in the barn. Here is to all those strong girls!

Girls who grew up in barns had to get up early, and watch the sunrise while they are feeding their horses. To all the girls who experienced the cool morning, and the stillness of the sunrise while taking care of a 1200-pound animals. Brandy was inspired from all the girls who choose a horse show instead of going to a pool party. The girls who spended hours in a hay loft because their pets need some food. The girls who prefer wearing T-shirts and boots instead of high heels, dresses, and make-up.

Here is to all the girls who shared their food with the animals, because animals always gave love back. To the girls who learned how to drive a tractor, and don’t mind spending hours covered in mud, dirt, and sweat. To all the girls who don’t care what other people say while they are walking around in boots and grab a sendwich without washing their hands.

The world is a better place with all those girls who breathe with their horses, and do what’s in the horses’ best interest without having second thoughts!

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