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A Supermodel Mare That Will Win Your Heart! Amazing Video!

Truus Van Het Houkumhuis must be a supermodel in the horse world. This incredibly good-looking mare is a model at Little River Friesians in Havan Florida. Her appearance attracts a lot of attention and she is nearly 17 hands tall. She has a sweet temperament and will win your heart very quickly!

Truss Van Het has a mane to her knees, bold powerful movement, and incredible type. Clearly, she is one of the most beautiful mares starting from her flowing mane and tail to her flawless musculature, and the effortless power she generates!

Her beautiful neck and stunning face and head will make you fall in love with her the moment you see her. Something like this you can’t experience every day and we are all thankful for having gorgeous horses like this around us.

Take care of your horses and love them unconditionally. Enjoy the video!

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