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Neglected Horse Rescued From The Top Of A Mountain! Incredible Story!

Unfortunately, there are people who don’t treat horses the way they deserve to be treated. And can you imagine that happening after the horse has served those people for many years?! This is a story of a horse which was neglected in West Virginia. Later he was called Bones.

A young couple found the horse on top of the mountain. His coat was covered in sores and his hooves were completely neglected. Moreover, the horse’s feet and legs were really in a terrible condition and it has been clear that the animal had been half-starved even before he had been abandoned with no water.

Joey Ferris and his girlfriend found the animal and they didn’t know how to take care of an elderly horse. However, they’ve decided to heroically rescue the horse and they took him with them, fed him, bathed him and healed his wounds with a special medicated shampoo.

They’ve managed to remove the crust from his coat and these days, and Boes looked healthy. The veterinarian said that Bones had a permanent damage to his organs and nothing will ever be the same for him. Two and a half years after his rescue, Bones passed away. Thanks to Ferris and his girlfriend this horse’s last years were happy. Video below!

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