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Being A Horse Rider Is Not An Easy Thing To Accomplish!

Some people think that equestrians are not athletes and that horse riding is not a sport. To them riding a horse looks easy and as they say, everyone can do it. Some even say that doing horse sports is just a waste of time and you can’t get anything from it. People that think and say things like this don’t appreciate horses and to them, they are just another animal. They don’t know how it feels to be an equestrian and what they go through!

They have no idea what it is to ride an animal with its own mind. They are not familiar with the power of horses and how fast, dangerous, and incredible is to ride a horse. To them, it is just a horse and they don’t know about the relationship between a rider and his horse.

Every horse rider must trust a creature with its own mind and that creature weighs more than 10 times our body weight. So, you must work on the connection with your horse in order to understand each other because you are partners and have to work together.

With the slightest touch, he must understand you and it takes a lot of time and efforts to accomplish that kind of bond. A horse is a friend that can bring pleasure and pain, happiness and tears. Many equestrians have suffered from doing horse sports- severe injuries, even become paralyzed. Think again before you say anything about this sport. Video below!

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