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Miniature Horse Becomes Jumping Champion – Video Below!

Meet Larry, the amazing jumping miniature horse. Can you believe that Larry is a World Champion? Yes, this incredible miniature horse until now has won four World Championships as jumper. He is known as the “Little horse that can jump” and has also won two Reserve World Championships!

His first win has been at the American Miniature Horse Association Amateur Jumper World Championship and he amazed everyone, because nobody has expected that from Larry. To win this year he has cleared 41 inch jumps with his 30 inches height.

In the video beneath this text you can see Larry’s story from 2010. “Troubles Exemplary” as the use to call him, amazed everyone when he won two out of three championships. The event from the video below has been held at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Forth Worth, Texas. For that championship only 10 horses have qualified.

People from the horse world love Larry, because he is so cute and good at what he does. Obviously, he loves what he does and was born to be a jumper. We must say that his handler is also amazing!

You can find more videos of Larry “The Little Horse That Can Jump”, on the YouTube channel. Please share the post with other horse fans.

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