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Amusing Equestrian Discipline – Working Equitation

Have you heard about working equitation? It’s an equestrian discipline that promotes competition between traditional riding used during field work and as a showcase for traditional equipment.

In every country this sport has it’s own governing body, but the world regulatory body is the World Association for Working Equitation.

The working equitation tests the horse and rider’s partnership and ability to manoeuvre obstacles, which looks spectacular, don’t you think? And can you believe that at the advanced level of this sport, the rider must ride with just one hand?!

We believe that most of you who will watch the following video will want to try this sport one day! Amazing sport and if you agree  share this with other horse lovers.

I WE betonas kommunikation och samspelet mellan häst och ryttare, vilket visades upp under Strömsholmstävlingarna, i dubbel bemärkelse!!

Posted by Svenska Ridsportförbundet – Working Equitation on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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