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Young Boy Showing What True Horsemanship Is About! Amazing Video!

There is an incredible horsemanship program called “Reach Out to Horses”. This program shows you how to reconnect with your horse and their methods take horsemanship to a whole new level. Joseph, a young boy who went through this program, has learned all the ways to show his horse how much he loves and cares for him!

In the video footage beneath this text, you will see Joseph taking care of two different horses. Clearly, he knows how to act with those horses and they enjoy being around the young boy. The one that he bathes is Excalibur and the other horse which he leads through a field is Dillon. Joseph is full of confidence while Dillon and Excalibur are with him and he stays beside them, although they are being so big compared to him.

Their great relationship is built on love, respect, and Joseph demonstrates how important is to have a good communication with your horse. In the second part of the video, you will see a horse named Aria. This mare is funny and playful, so after taking a bath she goes straight into the dirt to have a nice roll. Then she tries to remove the evidence… Enjoy the video!

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