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Belgian Draft Horses Showing Great Teamwork In The Field! Video Below!

Belgian horses remained popular through Western Europe for the past several centuries. Historically, they are the descendants of the so-called “great hoses” ridden by knights during the Middle Ages and became one of the best working horses. A strong Belgian Draft Horse is the best “tool” you can have on your farm!

Bred as an all-purpose farm horse, Belgians are now the most numerous draft horse breed in the USA. They are used on small farms as an economical and ecological alternative to tractors. The question is “Can tractors replace Belgian draft horses?” Anyone who has worked with this kind of horse would give a negative answer to this question.

There are places where tractors can’t go, but Belgians can and that’s what makes them necessary and irreplaceable! In the video footage beneath this text, you see few powerful Belgian Draft horses working on the farm. They are magnificent, showing great teamwork, and respect for each other.

They also share a beautiful connection with the farmer and it looks like this work is not a big deal for them. Good-looking gentle giants! Enjoy the video.

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