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Mom Making Horse Jumps With Her Baby Girl – Dangerous Or Not?

People have different opinions about the video footage beneath this text, because what you are about to see is a mother having a horse ride with her daughter on the back of the horse. Experienced people think that its a dangerous ride for the little girl, who seems to enjoy the ride. Other people find this video cute and adorable. To them the baby girl looks happy with her mother on the horse!

The mother is doing a jump and people consider that to be a great performance, because her baby girl is with her on the horse and its hard to do a jump in that situation. Luckily, no accident has happened, because the mother knew that horse perfectly and everything went smoothly. She had every move under control and the horse followed her commands. Trust is what matters the most between partners and this woman completely believed her horse!

The little girl is so lucky for having a chance to be introduced with horses at such age. She had so much fun and maybe she will become a great rider one day, who knows?!

In this sort of situations precautions must be taken and at least this little girl should wear a helmet. Its dangerous and unpredictable things can happen, though the horse can be well-trained. You can never be sure 100% in everything and when it comes to kids its better not to risk, don’t you agree?

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Posted by Passion Equestre on Friday, June 12, 2015

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