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The Cuteness Of Clydesdale Foals! It’s The Breeding Season At Warm Springs Ranch!

Warm Springs Ranch is a busy place when new foals are joining the herds. This place is the home of the Budweiser Clydesdale breeding program and during this period of the year, its equine population is starting to grow because is the foaling season!

More than 70 Clydesdale horses live on 300-plus acres of rolling hills and each breeding season there are more than 30 new additions. The Clydesdale foals are adorable but they’ll grow up quickly in order to resemble their parents.

The biggest interest of this farm is to breed Clydesdale horses which will be able to pull the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdale hitches. Those hitches are recognizable because of their iconic look, so Clydesdale horses must be suitable for the beer wagon hitch. No mares or stallions are used in the hitches, only geldings which must have a white face, a dark mane and tail, four white legs, and to be bay!

The Clydesdale foals need t learn many skills, for example, how to be led with a halter, to pick up their hooves for cleaning, etc. Handlers are teaching them how to stand patiently, to lower their heads to be haltered, and about the importance of moving over when asked. Enjoy their beauty!

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