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Pretty Sure All Equestrians Have Been In These Situation! Best Horse Fails!

These are 20 of the best fails that any equestrian has likely faced. So, these are the results when things go wrong with horses and any equestrian should know that nothing is certain when horses are involved!

Horses easily spook because that’s how their nature works. They have lightning-fast reflexes and whenever they feel threatened, their first instinct is to flee. The interesting thing is that they feel threatened almost by everything that is not familiar to them- leaves, plastic bags, shadows…


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Those who have horses in their lives for years usually laugh at the unexpected moments. Through experience, they’ve learned not to panic when things go wrong and to just have fun. One thing is for sure, life with horses will never be boring!

#failfriday – tag your instagram bestie to embarrass me some more and make this go viral!! READ THE STORY BELOW👇🏼 – So… I was at a show and got thrown off twice! Fall 1: was a stupid refusal in my first jumping class, I tried to straighten myself up but after cleaning my saddle I hadn't put my stirrup leathers back on correctly so it fell off and I went with it😂 #sackthejockey #sackthegroom – Fall 2: in the next class I came 3rd and qualified for cricklands, BUT… Gerry obv didn't like the rosette or qualifying sheet as he bolted out of the arena, reared up and spun. I fell off the back, held onto my reins and got dragged through al the mud and puddles in the car park at saddlesdane. I then let go and Gerry galloped off, got himself stuck between the warm up arena and a horse walker and jumped the 1m high fence into some horses field and proceeded to gallop around some more before we could catch him😂 #notcool – I WONDER WHO READ ALL OF THAT?? Comment an emoji if you did! – #horsesofinstagram #failingatlife #fail #muddyme #muddy #horsefail #horsefails #lol #fails #equestrianfail #equestrian #failingonfriday #failthursday #joker #beef #horses #horseriding #equifail #greenhorse

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In the following photos, you will see some of the best fails which are proof that not always things go the way we’ve planned. Remember that water complexes always mean plenty of wet fails, sometimes there’re ups and sometimes there’re downs!

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