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Organized Horse Fighting Must Be Stopped!

Mindanao is a beautiful place in the south of the Philippines, but this large set of islands hides a deadly secret…organized horse fighting!

Everything started 50 years ago with three or five pairs of stallions. They were made to fight for entertainment, but today that event has evolved and now it is a derby, a commercial enterprise which lasts for three days.

Sometimes the competitions may last for five days if the number of competitors is bigger, for example, more than a hundred horses! Unfortunately, nothing can stop the organized horse fighting because lots of money are involved.

This kind of competitions are illegal, but sometimes the police provide security or even worse, they are the ones who organize cruelty. Those poor horses are trained to be men machines, they bite, kick and are able to destroy their opponent.

Sadly, some fights end up with deadly consequences. We don’t believe that there are winners in this barbaric competitions. They must be stopped, raise awareness!

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