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Loose Horses Can Be Dangerous For Anyone! Video Below!

April the horse loves going out on her own, she is an amazing explorer and enjoys escaping. One day, her owner opened the front door of her house and found April on her porch. Clearly, she came to visit her loving owner and friend-hilarious!

It is entertaining we must admit, but to be sincere this sort of situations can cause trouble. April is not the only horse who loves escaping. There are many talented horses out there, able to escape from stalls, paddocks, and crossties.

If you have this kind of horse you must use some extra security measures. Loose horses can be dangerous because you never know where are they going to end up, for example, they could end up on the street and make a chaos. It is not safe for anyone, so make sure you keep your horse away from the streets and use different types of locks.

Start by finding out how is he escaping. Then, inspect your fencing, find out if there are any weak areas. Keep your horse away from troubles!

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