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Interesting Facts About The Exceptional Nature Of Gray Horses!

Horse lovers admire the beauty of gray horses. These horses carry extraordinary genetics and appear in many breeds. if you are not familiar with the nature of gray horses you will probably mix them with white horses, but they are not the same. Gray horses have black skin and dark eyes, and white horses have pink skin and light eyes. So, make sure you notice the difference. Here are some additional pieces of information about these remarkable horses!

  • The gray horses can be homozygous or heterozygous. So, a gray horse can produce gray or non-gray offspring if he possesses one copy of the gray gene. If a gray horse owns two copies of the gray gene, all of his offspring will be gray for sure.                            
  • Gray horses can be born in any color. Most people think that gray horses are born black, but it is not always like that.      
  • The gray color is a modifier and a dominant gene. 
  • The shades of gray color change from pure white to flea-bitten, rose gray and dappled. This is what makes it special.                                                    
  • Gray horses are linked with Andalusians, Lipizzan breed, Welsh ponies, and Arabians! 

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