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Happy Ending Story: Brutally Beaten Donkey Rescued And Recovered!

A man called the Animal Aid Unlimited, reporting that a donkey has been brutally beaten with a pipe. The poor animal had severe injuries all over his head and body and the rescue team was shocked when they arrived at the scene!

The cruelty level of this case was outrageous and the teas have never seen something like that. The donkey was covered in blood, the beating had ruptured his left eye and he needed some serious medical treatment.

He was in a terrible shape and the rescuers immediately had to transport him to Animal Aid’s shelter. Veterinarians tended to more than 20 deep wounds and administrated pain meds and antibiotics.

The donkey was under treatment for five weeks and it was not an easy road for him and the Animal Aid staff. Luckily, he was a fighter and didn’t give up. He recovered and got a name- Veeru, which means “brave”.

These days, Veeru is living a normal life and he is a happy donkey thanks to the humanity of people from Animal Aid’s rescue facility. The cruel man who did that to him was arrested!

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