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Horrible Incident: Two Horses Attacked By A Big Dog! Video Below!

A dog has attacked two horses in Nudgee Beach and we must admit that this is something unusual. It was really hard for Keesha Moignard and her daughter Lucie to keep hold of their two horses. A large black dog ran towards the horses and attacked them. Things went out of control!

In the video footage beneath this text, you can see a short moment from the attack. People who found themselves on the scene were shocked and didn’t know how to react. The dog was aggressive towards the horses and one of the was brought to its knees after he was bitten by the dog. Mrs. Moignard was also bitten on the knee, but luckily none of them was injured.

According to the veterinary report, one of the horses survived a bite close to a major artery and the other had cuts and bite marks. There is an investigation about this incident and anyone who has information that could help with the investigation should contact the Brisbane City Council. Video below!

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