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Top 10 Funniest Horse Videos That Will Make Your Day! Video Below!

Prepare yourself for a good laugh because this video won’t leave you indifferent not even for a second. These are the winners of the funnies horse video contest, starting from “Cristo Wants Cookies” video at the 10th place. You will laugh out loud from the horse who loves country music and dances in the rhythm of the music, and the next one who’s favorite thing is playing ball.

He plays like a real professional and enjoys his time in the field! “Lip Flapping Leo” is next, and right after him come “Charlie and Denzel pulling Noah’s ark”. The pair is pulling a boat loaded with two dogs and a woman. “Bad Jerry” is a naughty pony who tries to escape and gets underneath the fence- what a “bad” miniature horse!

The horse video on the 4th place is something you don’t want to miss is because it’s hilarious. That horse is a cute super model. “Johnny goes bareback” is on the 3rd place and we must say, that horse had some real good time. Dreamer will make you smile for sure because his funny noises are not something you get to see every day.

Mikey and his Jolly ball are at the top position and we must admit that the music fits perfectly with Mikes’s performance. Enjoy the video!

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