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Horse Riders Are Doing The Same Basic Activity, No Matter The Discipline!

Riding horses always come to the same point, no matter how different are the disciplines. So, there is no huge division between Western or English rider, because in the end, is all about the horse and they are doing the same activity.

The riders might be different, but they are doing the exact same activity, which is riding. Clearly, their goals are equally the same – to reach a greater performance and to build an excellent connection with their horse partner. And how come there’s still a division?!

The video beneath this text will allow you to notice the similarities between riders, highlighting the most important elements. It’s common thing to train our horses to be the best and to improve their skills. Each rider has to be an athlete in order to gain the best results. Horses are given training lessons and that’s how they manage to get the work done.

In our opinion, each rider should try himself in both disciplines, Western and English, and then pick the one that is more suitable for him. Tell us what you think about that. Do you agree or disagree? Maybe there are riders that want to practice both disciplines! Challenge yourself.

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