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Terrified Mare And A Groom Ended Up Into A Well!

During an Utta Pradesh’s Gonda an unexpected accident has happened while a horse was carrying a groom. The unfortunate groom fell into the well and the camera captured the entire incident. The video has been shared shortly after that and you can find it beneath this text!

Clearly, it didn’t come on their mind that the firecrackers can frighten the poor horse. At the same moment when they were set off, the horse spooked and ended up in the well with the groom sitting in the saddle.

It hasn’t been easy to take them out of the well and thanks to JCB, they were rescued and back at safe place. The video from the incident has been a breaking news on the Zee News, a Hindi News Channel.

In the video filmed with a mobile phone camera, you can see the beautiful mare decorated for the significant ceremony. We can notice how terrified and upset she was, with all those people around her!

Horses are clever animals and they must be well-trained if we want to use them in certain occasions. Loud sounds disturb horses and we must always stay alert when there are fireworks or firecrackers near this animals. Appreciate their nature and think of their best interest, because incident do happen as you could see from this story!

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