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Persistent Young Rider Struggling To Stay On Her Naughty Pony!

Watch how this 9-year-old girl is trying to stay on her horse and fights not to experience the worst show in her life. This little rider’s name is Milena and she really has some attitude, don’t you agree?! She knows her job and clearly, she has trained a lot, but somehow the horse refuses her commands.

Adorable young rider, we must say, and everything she does is correct. Her moves are great and she tries her best to control her horse. We don’t know why he didn’t listen to her commands. Ponies can be stubborn, though they look so innocent and cute. Sometimes they just want to fool around and play. Milena has been very brave, struggling to find a way to set her pony on the right direction!

Her size doesn’t allow her to do anything else, than to cling to her horse. The most important thing in moments like this, is to stay calm and focused. That’s what she did and that’s what makes her so great! She is a clever young rider!

A good sign that points out her great horsemanship is her behavior after the performance. She wasn’t angry at her naughty horse, because this kind of things happen all the time. She has shown a persistence and that’s what counts. Feel free to share this video with other horse lovers who might be interested.

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