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The Tallest Horse In the World Is Amazing Gentle Giant- Video Below!

For those who have not seen the tallest horse on Earth, here is a chance. Meet Big Jake! Have fun while watching the video footage beneath this text and share it with other horse fans if you’ve find it interesting!

This horse is officially the biggest horse alive and though we are aware of the fact that horses are big animals, believe us, this one is HUGE! Big Jake lives at Smokey Hollow Farm and now he is retired. In the past he has been a popular member of successful hitch team.

Big Jake is a 15-year-old Belgian gelding and with his 6 feet and 11 inches height he became a Guinness World Record holder! His body weighs nearly 2600 pounds. Horse lovers like to come and visit Big Jake who loves those kind of visits. He is a gentle giant, though at first he looks scary because of his size.

People who had a chance to meet him, will tell you at first that Big Jake is an adorable friendly horse who loves to play with people’s hair. He is a lovely horse that everyone would like to have around, just for a ride, not for work, racing or shows!

Clearly, he is now living his life and is in good hands. Gorgeous, tender and stunning horse, don’t you agree?! Please spread this short story about Big Jake and let people know how amazing this creatures can be!

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