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Inspirational Horse Rider And Trainer- Must See Video!

Most of the people think that riding horses goes just like that, you simply have to get on the horse and that’s it! But, the truth is that a rider or trainer has to make a lot of efforts to accomplish some success. So, it’s not so easy and horse riding requires a lot of hard work!

Eddie is a horse rider and a trainer who seems to live her dream. Her love and understanding for horses has proven to be the most important elements when it comes to a perfect riding performance. Pay attention to the video beneath this text and witness something amazing!

Eddie’s equitation is spectacular. In the video footage you can see her loving horses River, Boo and Kagylo, and her while practicing for her trick riding lessons. This woman should be an example to all horse riders and trainers, because what she offers is outstanding.

Her horses seems to move in the rhythm of the music and everything around them looks magical. Some people might even get jealous at what they see. Eddie is amazing while riding River and they both look so elegant and relaxed. And look at her with Boo! Aren’t they incredible?! Right now, Eddie is working in Dubai as an Equine Sports Therapist.

Remember that its all about creating a relationship and then making that connection magnificent. It’s all about that! We encourage you to focus at the video footage and please share it afterwards with horse lovers that you know.

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