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Inspiring 25-Year-Old Horse Rider- Sensational Video!

A 25-year-old horse rider from New Zealand, Alycia Burton, has become worldwide popular after her spectacular videos and photos where she rides bareback, and bridleless went viral. As a kid Alycia lived in a tiny town without any big opportunities. At age of 15 she started working in the banking industry and because of that she had to drop out of school.

She had a really hard life during her young age and she hit the bottom when she was 22-years-old. Suddenly, she had nothing, she was unhappy and had no idea what to do! That’s when she decided to become self-employed and dedicated her life to the Lord. With only $100 in her pocket she started a new life.

This girl continued her life in a garage and her occupation has been to rehabilitate and save horses with issues. She started giving lessons to dangerous horses, traveled across the country to help horse owners with their horses and she’s been a part of running camps. As she shared, her goal was to make everything look easier to those who lost their faith. She wanted to challenge people to believe in themselves, no matter how hard things look.

Alycia is thankful to the Lord who has given her such a beauty after taking away everything that has been bad for her. She expressed her gratitude for having a chance to experience the extraordinary love for horses. Like she said, she wouldn’t change a thing that she has right know, for nothing else in the world! To her, this is only the start of something amazing. Focus on the video beneath this text and enjoy.

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