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Joyful Mule Having The Time Of His Life

Believe us when we say that horses can really improve your mood and spread positive vibes! If you have any doubt in that, please focus your attention on the video beneath this text. Young horses are full of energy and they are amazing explorers. They are up on their feet shortly after their birth ready for fun!

The mule from the video footage below is having so much fun and he clearly can’t hide his fulfillment while his owner is laughing out loud. She is one lucky woman to have such a joyful mule around her. Smile and positive energy are the best healer for everything, don’t you agree?!

The baby mule is running around in high speed and he kicks his heels up because he is so full with energy. His moves are hilarious and he knows how to use them. That seems to cheer up his owner and she really is having some great time while the baby mule is playing carelessly.

He looks so good and we hope that he’ll keep the spirit as he grows. Who knows he might turn into a great athlete, jumper or a race horse? With moves and courage like his everything is possible! If you have enjoyed in this mule’s play day, feel free to spread his happiness by sharing the video with other horse fans!

This boy has some moves!

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