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Science Can Protect Wild Horses!

America’s biggest icons and symbol of freedom are in big danger. Recently we have celebrated the Independence Day, but this time it hasn’t been the same- wild horses are jeopardized! This situation has provoked a lot of anger among Americans and wild horses advocates have reacted immediately.

The proposal has been made by the Interior Department and they required from the Congress to cancel the ban on slaughtering wild horses. This animals have been federally protected and now its up from the Congress. Nearly 92,000 wild horses could be killed or sold to slaughterhouses if the Congress approve the management plan.

The Congress has received lots of emails, calls and reactions keep on coming from all around the country. At this moment everything depends from the Congress. Outrageous! The government is trying to steal something which is precious for the entire nation. Wild horses represent American’s spirit and politicians are not allowed to take that away!

American people mostly care about freedom and family, and wild horses are the biggest symbol of those two things. So, they are not just part of the American West and history. People have serious reasons to react and cal the Congress.

Wild horses supporters have send a clear message to the BLM and the Interior Department, saying that they should not underrate the connection that Americans have with wild horses. Those animals are legacy and belong to everyone.

Wild horses live on public property and they should all decide together what to do. The plan that the Interior Department made for this horses is outrageous and no one will support it. Those horses don’t deserve a treatment like this and someone else should pay the price for the bad management.

Wild horses advocated suggest the use of birth control, for example. They are against the killing-language which has been used in the new plan. Choosing cruelty is the worst solution, when you have science on the other side.

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