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Wild Horses And Burros Are In Great Danger- Support Them!

Clearly, wild horses and burros that live and roam free on wide areas of public property in the West are in serious trouble. When the 2018 Budget has been released by the U.S. Department of the Interior, the public has noticed certain changes when it comes to America’s wild horses and burros.

According to the Budget, this Department has been looking for Congressional authorization to use “management tools”. What devastated everyone, was the fact that some of their tools included mass killing and slaughterhouses for the wild horses and burros!

Destroying healthy animals, can you believe that?! Those wild horses and burros that are under care of the holding facilities will be killed or sold to slaughterhouse buyers if the suggested ban comes in force. More than 92,000 horses will die if this decision becomes final!

According to the wild horses advocates who felt the pressure and started to look up for a solution that would be in the best interest of this animals, the management of wild horses and burros should not be done by killing and taking them to slaughterhouses. Through many years, the federal government’s didn’t do their job properly and made the wild horses population unsustainable. So, the wild horse should not pay the price for the government’s mistakes!

The American public is against this “management tools” and people give their support for protecting this innocent animals. People should decide how the public lands should be used, that should depend on their will! We don’t want to witness this kind of tragedy in front of us. Healthy horses should not be killed, but that will happen if the Congress approves the BLM’ s budget provision!

Horses will be slaughtered for human consumption and that’s the worst tragedy, we must say. Please spread the awareness of equine welfare as much as you can, and give your support for wild horses and burros!

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