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Adorable Baby Foal Having His First Steps Outside The Barn – Video Below!

Horses are cute from the day they were born, so ever since they are little babies, people fall in love with them. Only few hours after their birth they are up on their feet, running and wondering around. Baby foals are the cutest and every horse lover will agree with that!

In the video beneath this text you’ll get a chance to meet one of the most beautiful baby horses. They are all wonderful and pretty, but some of them are more than the others, we must say. Watch his first experience outside the barn. Isn’t he lovely?!

This baby foal is beautiful as its mother as we could notice from the video. When he came outside he went straight to her looking for protection and look how she guided him through the field. That mare is so careful with her baby while he tries to learn the area. To her the most important thing is to protect her little baby and to keep him safe!

Hopefully this baby horse will grew up into an incredible steed and will stay as wonderful as he is in this video. And look at the moment when he gets a chance to meet the family dog! Horses really are friendly animals, don’t you think?! We wish him the best!

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