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Lisa Johnson Is An Inspiring Horse Lover!

Horse programs are amazing and can help people in so many ways according to practice. Lisa Johnson shares her experiences with  horses continuously on her Facebook page. She shares her work and her program, and people support her without a doubt.

We must say that while watching her around this incredible creatures we’ve really enjoyed. She does some remarkable work and seems like she has a lot of fun. With her program she does so many entertaining things and it’s lovely to take an insight some of her routines. Lisa is a great horse lover and a proud owner of one gorgeous and highly-talented stallion, named Jake Jacspin.

As she said, though people can’t understand how a person can be so much in love with horses, she can’t imagine her life without this animals. It might look like a dirty and smelly work, but it’s the life style she has chosen and so far, she is happy and nothing can change that! To her working around and with horses is not a big deal, because she sees that as an “opportunity”, something that will make her a better person.

Lisa shared that while she works in the barn she prays and finds a way to clear her mind from the everyday pressure. She usually prays for her loving horse and her family in her “prayer stalls”. Maybe she has found the best way to spend some quiet time, don’t you agree?!

To her that might be the best part of her day and the smell of the barn or the dirt on her clothes doesn’t bother her. Nothing can come in her way when she wants to have her special time. According to her, people who love her unconditionally don’t even notice or mention her smell or look. Her happiness is more important! The barn makes her happy so let her be. Feel free to share the story of Lisa Johnson. We hope many people will be inspired to do whatever makes them feel good!

Jake's three favorite times of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 😉 #happyhorse #myplatinum #teamjake

Nai-post ni Jake Jacspin noong Huwebes, Oktubre 27, 2016

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