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A Baby Foal Saved By A Wonderful Family- Meet Jazz!

On October, 5, 2011 at the BLM facility in Delta a tiny baby foal has been born. His name was Jazz and unfortunately he wasn’t lucky enough to spend some time with his mother. She died shortly after Jazz was born. Luckily, Jazz was born alive, because everything happened unexpectedly. The manager of the facility was about to leave the place when he noticed Jazz’s mother who’s labors have just started.

Eric’s wife, Lisa, has helped him a lot while he was looking for a home for Jazz. The baby foal had to be feed very frequently, so Eric brought him to his house. The whole family took care of Jazz and they still remember the first moments when Jazz moved in their home.

Jazz’s first night in the family house was a stressful moment, because they were all worried about him. Lisa covered him with a blanket to make him feel comfortable and later she even made some clothes for the little baby. She just wanted him to feel good around them.

He got his name after his attitude. Everybody loved him because he was adorable with his smoothness. After he got better he was ready to move on. The family had a hard time on saying goodbye with that incredible horse, because while he was with them they’ve created a strong bond with him.

A perfect foster home has been found and it was time for Jazz to go. His new owners were amazed by his beauty and Lisa could not stop her tears while thy were sending Jazz away. He will always stay in their hearts, as she shared.

Lisa Reid admits that she really loves her job as a public affairs specialist for the Agency. She likes the thing that she can make a difference in the world of this beautiful creatures.


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