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Teenage Care Taker Brutally Attacked A Pony

Many times we’ve asked ourselves “What is wrong with people who attack animals just for fun?” Here is another case when a teenage girl has been assaulting pony with a whip “for a laugh”. Lucky, she has been caught after someone filmed her attack and shared the video on Facebook. Right after the video went all over the Internet more than 20,000 complaints have been made about the assault. The RSPCA officers have been called right away!

The 18-year-old teenage girl, Chloe Morgan, has been repeatedly hitting the 4-year-old cob Emry with a whip. The clip was really shocking and that’s why it caused such outrage among people from the horse community. Nick Devonald, RSPCA prosecutor, shared that the video had over 2 million views! During the 34-second long video Chloe has been using the whip in order to control Emry after being thrown off the horse.

Throughout the video Emry has been frightened and could not escape because he has been tied up. Chloe looked really angry during the whole video. According to the vets, that teenage girl has been quite brutal to the terrified pony. She shared that she has been forced to hit Emry few times, but her story didn’t go well in the court. It has been obvious that her reaction towards the pony has been cruel and brutal.

The pony has been given to the RSPCA for rehoming and Chloe admitted causing cruelty and unecessary suffering. Share this story with other horse lovers.

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