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Teen Mom Using A Pony As An Accessory

In honor of the pint-sized reality star’s 8th birthday, Farrah Abraham who is a teen mom OG star came to an idea to dyed her daughter Sophia’s miniature horse, Starburst. It turned out that her idea it hasn’t been that good, because after they’ve shared a picture from the pony reactions came from all around the world. Abraham has been accused of animal abuse.

People from the horse community were really angry at Farrah and Sophia because they have been playing with a living thing. In most of the comments people were saying that Starburst was not a toy or accessory sharing their concern that Sophia could easily put a paint in the horse’s eyes.

Believe it or not this hasn’t been the only case with Teen Mom accused of animal abuse. Ryan Edwards and Jennelle Evans have been also criticized for “playing” with animals. Evans has been putting two dogs in one cramped crate and even dragged one of them over the floor; Edwards has been shooting cats in the yard. The question is: “What is wrong with this people?”

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