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Zonkeys Are Rare And Beautiful Cross Breeding Result

Have you ever heard or seen a zonkey? In fact, do you even know what zonkey is? Here is the answer…a zonkey is a combination of a zebra and a donkey, of course! At first when you hear the term zonkey what comes on your mind is Dr. Seuss and something out of his books. But, believe it or not, zonkeys really exist, they are real and look as most of you expect them to be!

Because they are a hybrid between a zebra and a donkey their appearance is extraordinary and not something you see in everyday life. They are unusual we must admit! So, we highly recommend you to take a moment to have a closer look at the following video! It might be the best thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

The story from the video below has happened in a zoo in Mexico, where zonkey has been born in 2014. According to the zookeepers the zonkey hasn’t been planned, so it happened very natural. The zonkey’s mother was a zebra and his father was an albino donkey who seemed to get along quite well! Many times the zookeepers have even seen the donkey secretly visiting the zebra.

Their love resulted with something beautiful and everyone has been surprised when they realized that the zebra is pregnant. The zonkey is really cute we must admit! His appearance reminds of the both species.You can see the influence of his father in his solid body shape and it’s color. On his legs you can see the zebra stripes and in his head he looks a lot like his mother!

Breeding zonkeys will cost a lot and zebras are not ease to be trained. So, the chances for breeding zonkeys for domestication are equal to zero. But, zonkeys exist since 1900’s and  though they are rare, who knows, maybe one day you’ll see one of this unique animals.

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