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Amazing Clydesdale Visiting A Nursing Home

Horses are charming and can really make your day! Have a look at this Clydesdale horse who was a guest at nursing home, in the Village of East Harbor Senior Living Community. The name of the horse is Renee and we must say that he looks so cute on the picture below while saying “Hi” to that elderly woman.

As the administrator of the nursing home, Carolyn Martin said, every member of the nursing home has been thrilled by Renee’s visit. Though some of the nursing home’s staff thought that bringing a Clydesdale is not a good idea it turned out to be a perfect therapy for the residents. Many of them have mobility problems and can’t go outside, so bringing the horse inside was a great idea, don’t you think?!

Everyone got out of their rooms and socialized with others that day- even those who don’t rarely go to activities! Renee really brought some joy and excitement, something that will be remembered in the nursing home. Two and a half hours he was cheering the residents, putting his head in their laps and showing love. Horses really do have a healing power! What an incredible experience, if you agree share this story with other horse lovers.

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