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Science Can Protect Wild Horses!

America’s biggest icons and symbol of freedom are in big danger. Recently we have celebrated the Independence Day, but this time it hasn’t been the same- wild horses are jeopardized! This situation has provoked a lot of anger among Americans and wild horses advocates have reacted immediately. The proposal has …

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Lisa Johnson Is An Inspiring Horse Lover!

Horse programs are amazing and can help people in so many ways according to practice. Lisa Johnson shares her experiences with¬† horses continuously on her Facebook page. She shares her work and her program, and people support her without a doubt. We must say that while watching her around this …

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Seriously Injured Reining Horse Euthanized

Gorgeous 6-year-old reining horse has been found helplessly laying on the ground, unable to stand up on her feet. Unfortunately, after a while Bella Gunnabe Gifted the horse, had to be euthanized. Obviously, she has been hardly bitten up, because as the investigation has shown, the horse had a skull …

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