Amazing Save And Transformation Of 35 Horses Who Were Rescued From A Slaughter House

Rescues always make our days and when we hear of or watch them happiness is the only feeling we get. Even though the video was shared a few years ago what you are going to watch in this video is the amazing save and transformation of 35 horses who were rescued from a slaughter house.

Hundreds of reservation horses were rounded up and taken to a slaughter auction in Nevada. Many of these horse were sold for slaughter but some were lucky to be saved by Horse Plus Humane Society. As they were going towards a terrible fate God had other plans for them.

After they were rescued they were transported to a temporary facility made possible by The Hidden Valley Horse Protection Fund and the horses could hardly believe their eyes where they were.

They weren’t in those cramped, dirty places waiting for someone to buy them and then sent them somewhere to be slaughtered but now they were enjoying the paradise on earth. It didn’t take long for the horses to settle in and make themselves at home as they immediately began grooming each other and looked happy.

Their transformation was simply amazing and let’s hope that horse slaughtering comes to an end all over the world. Watch the video!

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