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The Story Of Comanche: This Brave War Horse Is Still A Fascination To People!

Comanche is a famous war horse and one of the two horse to receive a funeral with full military honors. He is still a fascination for everyone who looks into the stories of famous old war horses.

This amazing horse has been a part of the Battle of Little Bighorn and he is one of the survivors of the battle which is known to be infamous. Without a doubt, Comanche left a mark on the US history!

He was born around 1862 and bore the markings of the early Spanish horses. Comanche was an odd-looking horse with a small white star on his forehead. He had a big head, thick neck and legs that seemed slightly too short. However, while he was still young, Comanche was sold to the army and then was purchased by George Armstrong Custer’s brother.

Captain Miles Keogh was the one who has ridden Comanche in the Battle of Little Bighorn. This brave horse was injured in that battle, but he managed to recover becoming one of the few survivors. After that, he managed to lead a quiet life and passed away in 1890. Comanche will always be remembered for his courage and strength!

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