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Fire Magic: His Chestnut Coat Gives Him A Magical And Stunning Appearance!

Dressage tests showcase a horse’s movement and a rider’s skill in a beautiful dance. They are demanding and difficult to perform, but when done well it seems at the horse and rider very much dance together. It takes a lot of work to get to the point where riding is a dance. Horses don’t always agree with what we are asking them to do, and a rider’s aides are supposed to be seamless.


It takes time, extensive training, dedication, and a bit of skill to be able to dance with a horse. According to Dressage Academy, this discipline creates a synergistic relationship between horse and rider. A great rider can make dressage look easy and everything depends on the communication he has with his horse.

In this video, Fire Magic the horse absolutely dances in this beautiful display. He learned to “dance” in high school dressage and now he puts on wonderful displays as one of the “Royal Dancing Friesians” in “The Magical World of Dancing Horses”. He is registered red imported stallion which makes him one of a kind. Amazing video below!

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