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Travelers Left A Horse Tied To A Fence! Shocking Story!

A group of travelers which was kicked off a school field left their pony tied to a fence. The abandoned horse was found tethered to a fence at Shenley Academy in Weoley Castle.

More than 20 caravans were evicted from the school, leaving behind that poor pony. They claimed that they will come back for the horse…nobody returned to get him!

A horse sanctuary took the pony, according to Shenley Principal, Lucy Monk. The owners didn’t come back to look for the pony and that’s why the animal needed a new home. The travelers were criticized for leaving behind the animals and causing huge disruption.

It is disgraceful to neglect your animals and people were shocked from the tied pony’s story. Luckily, this pony is now at a safe place and under good care!

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