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Meet Duet And Don Quixote: Rare Twin Foals!

Daisy the horse finally went into labor (she was seven days past due). Her owners, Jenni and Guy, were ready to help her and stayed by her side during the birth process. Daisy delivered a wonderful colt, who was a bit small. However, the baby was healthy and Jenni and Guy were there to help him learn his balance!

Something unexpected happened next and the owners were stunned. Daisy gave birth of another baby, she was carrying twins and nobody suspected that.

She didn’t have enough time to get to know with Don Quixote when she started delivering another foal. The owners wanted to make sure that the little foal is delivered safely, so Guy helped her pull little Duet. Within a few minutes, Duet was standing on her own.

Incredible moment for everyone because having two babies at the same time is really rare among horses. Usually, one of the babies doesn’t make it but Duet and Don Quixote successfully stepped into this world. Wonderful!

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